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I've worked as an entrepreneur and in a corporate setting for quite some time. My experience spans many fields, including IT, finance, real estate, healthcare, and technology. My varied background has made me an indispensable asset to any company's marketing efforts. A great partner is hard to come by, but my years of 'hands-on' experience with start-up firms in all marketing and public relations aspects set me apart.

Building strong work foundations and client ties has taught me much throughout my career. My number one priority has always been providing exceptional service to every one of my customers.

Lorna Stegall

In my line of work, establishing solid connections with customers is crucial to my company's growth and prosperity.

Going that Extra Mile . . .

Motives for Deciding

Do you require a professional marketing department to handle your company's PR, advertising, and other promotional activities? Want a thriving business strategist to aid in company expansion? The greatest strategic marketers employ in-depth knowledge about their target audience to inform their approach to marketing.

Twenty years of experience as a marketing strategist

Relationship and outcome-focused

A Referral-Only Company

Industries Widely Separated

Prioritize the development of marketing goals, approaches, and schedules.

Enthusiasm for supporting business owners

Sales & Marketing...from Silicon Valley's newest ventures to the executive suites of the world's most recognizable Fortune 500 brands.

Comprehensive marketing services for companies who may benefit from the advice of a seasoned marketer but can't afford to hire someone full-time or an agency.

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"For the past 20+ years, Lorna and I have journeyed through the maze of Strategic and Tactical Marketing, building companies and delivering products and services to our target markets. She and her talented team have been able to support my efforts in analyzing customer/client needs and communicating the perfect mix of marketing programs, including, now, social media, public relations, online marketing, and of course traditional marketing programs. We work seamlessly together and she puts 100% of her heart into the final product

Marilyn Suey, MBA, Certified Financial Planner®, AIFTM, PPCTM

Diamond Group Wealth Advisors | Founder

"I have had the great opportunity to work with Lorna on multiple start-ups in Telecom, IT and cloud services over many years. With each company Lorna offered her creativity and passion and had an automatic impact to my role as well as the company. She understands and cares about the pain points that a small company encounters as it develops and by understanding all facets of the marketing process is able to move the company forward whether it be creative design, branding, marketing communications, or public relations. Lorna is one of the few people in our industry that has the ability to help companies regardless of the technology and make a huge difference.

Mark Neider, GM

“I worked closely with Lorna, while she was working with American Airlines Cargo. She represented the airline through its agency.  “It was a great experience and, tellingly, we remain friends.  “The first thing that always made working with her so refreshing was the great questions asked.  Probing, thoughtful questions that were meant to make sure there was alignment between the product or service and the client’s goals. This was important because we worked closely on a complex and innovative program. “Beyond the obvious─very talented and creative.

Ken Roberts, President and Founder

World City Business

"I had the pleasure of working with Lorna for over five years while leading a global cargo marketing organization.  The expertise that Jennifer and Lorna provided in Public Relations and Marketing was a key factor in our organization’s evolution.  In a short period of time, we transitioned from being viewed as one of many competing solutions to a preferred industry leader.  I can confidently say that the award-winning work of this dynamic duo helped us to differentiate our brand and drive incremental revenue.  I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Lisa Pleasant - Giuroiu

American Airlines | Susan. G. Coleman

"Marketing strategies, media social media management, marketing collateral, blogging, email marketing and more....
I have been working with Lorna now for over 23 years in many different markets. Lorna is service-oriented and focuses on doing more than is expected. Her passion is looking for new ways to help customers build their brands and expand their markets in an authentic way. Her reputation is well deserved and her dynamic personality makes her a pleasure to work with. Companies that wish to leverage their brand and accelerate their growth should consult with Lorna immediately!

Parie Petty

Western Lithographics | President

"Lorna has an extreme passion for seeing business owners succeed. Working with her has been very exciting and fulfilling. She has developed several marketing presentation items, marketing campaigns as well as company rebranding for us. Lorna helped bring focus, understanding of the target market and generate actions that helped us acquire new business. I highly recommend Lorna.

Ndaba Mdhlongwa | President

Business Plan Solutions

"In the course of one’s career people typically have the privilege of working with a handful of individuals that make an impact on you so positively, that you become forever grateful for the experience. It is the type of experience that I have with Lorna. I have had the opportunity to work with Lorna, learn from her and know her character and integrity. Lorna always pushes herself in ways to make whatever company she is working with better through coaching clients with her vast industry knowledge, rolling up her sleeves with anyone to get the job done and communicating the story/vision of where the company is headed to all she comes in contact with. She is one of the few people in the telecom industry who understands the entire process and costs in-depth from customer acquisition through delivery.

Jim McNeese

C2XCEL. President and CEO


Lorna Stegall
Marketing Strategist | Media Relations

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