A little about me

I have a long-standing entrepreneurial and corporate background in diversified industries such as technology, finance, real estate, healthcare, construction, and banking.  This broad area of experience has made me a unique and valuable marketing arm for all businesses. What sets me apart is years of 'hands-on' experience with start-up companies in all areas of marketing and public relations... the POWER of KNOWLEDGE can make all the difference to having a great partner.

Throughout my career, I have learned a great deal about client relationships by building solid work foundations and partnerships. My ultimate goal has always been to make sure my clients are happy and that my work goes above and beyond their expectations.

Business Experience

I am a seasoned marketing strategist with expertise in all aspects of Sales & Marketing―from Silicon Valley to the board rooms of Iconic Fortune 500 companies. The ability to “think out of the box” and “elevate excellence” has made me a sought-after marketing arm. My years of experience with start-up companies, acquisitions, corporate, and agencies have allowed me to develop a long client list.  I like to empower entrepreneurs and businesses by implementing a mix of effective business marketing strategies that help gain significant market awareness and exposure that bring successful results. At the end of the day, the compelling value proposition focuses on service, strong relationships, and quality results in happy clients who help promote the growth of my referral-based business.


Assisted the client to earn the BtoB Best Award in the 'Best Integrated Campaign' category for Business Insights Magazine.

Worked with the team to earn the 'product of the year' award from the UCSD Connect Program.


The driving force behind some of my work ethic is my true belief in giving back. I volunteer in my community every chance I get.  Paying it back is Powerful!

Lorna Stegall


Lorna Stegall
Marketing Strategist

Tel: 817.807.2257
email:  lorna@lornastegall.com

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