A little about me

I've worked as an entrepreneur and in a corporate setting for quite some time. My experience spans many fields, including IT, finance, real estate, healthcare, and technology. My varied background has made me an indispensable asset to any company's marketing efforts. A great partner is hard to come by, but my years of 'hands-on' experience with start-up firms in all marketing and public relations aspects set me apart.

Building strong work foundations and client ties has taught me much throughout my career. My number one priority has always been providing exceptional service to every one of my customers.

Competence in Business

I have become an accomplished marketing strategist from Silicon Valley to the executive suites of legendary Fortune 500 firms. My unique perspective and knack for "elevating excellence" have made me a valuable asset in the marketing world. Thanks to my extensive experience working with startups, acquisitions, corporations, and advertising agencies, I have amassed a sizable clientele over the years. To assist entrepreneurs and companies to succeed, I use various company marketing methods that have shown to be very effective. The outcome of my business's compelling value proposition is satisfied customers who spread the word about my services and helped me expand via word of mouth.


Assisted the client in winning the BtoB Best Award in the 'Best Integrated Campaign' category from Business Insights Magazine.

Participated in a collaborative effort that resulted in a "product of the year" award from the UC San Diego Connect Program.


My genuine desire to give back fuels part of my work ethic. When I have free time, I help those in need in my Community. There is Power in Unity.

Lorna Stegall


Lorna Stegall
Marketing Strategist | Media Relations

Tel: 817.807.2257
email:  lorna@lornastegall.com

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